Fleece and quality

is a relatively new (1979) synthetic material, which has many valuable properties and qualities, which make it an indispensable material for the production of practical and comfortable clothing.

First of all, it should be noted that fleece is a regular component of clothing, involving membrane from Gore-Tex and similar materials. The gortex we mentioned earlier, the fleece is a great addition for gortex: this fabric "breathes", so that properties can occur at 100%. The moisture in the clothing is discharged, resulting in a very even breaking a sweat you won't risk catching cold or overheating. In addition, a fleece keeps the temperature well, despite the ease and elasticity of the texture, and wear it well will replace any heavy jacket and pants (that warm, almost solely due to its weight). Even wet clothing fleece retains heat well (compared with wool) and fleece dries very quickly - this quality is difficult to overestimate anyone Hiking or sporting events.

Another valuable feature of the fleece - it doesn't cause irritation and allergies unlike many other synthetic fabrics and wool of the same. Modern for children it is for this reason often made from fleece. Lightweight, stretchy, breathable and eco-friendly fabric that combines children's clothing and military uniforms of NATO armies.

in addition, fleece is quite durable and resistant to mechanical damage (whether friction or rupture), and the clothes will last you the season. Special care this type of dress also requires no - machine washable with standard tools and no special conditions (if not used - in this case the washing conditions additionally stipulated by the manufacturer to preserve the properties of Gore-Tex).

Modern quality is subjected to some additional treatment, which gives new quality and possibilities: the pile is not sinking, the fabric gains resistance to fire etc.

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