If bitten by a tick

Remedies against ticks

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All tools are sold as per the prevailing substances are divided into 3 groups.

- Repellent – deter ticks.
- Acaricide – kill!
- Insecticide-repellent – drugs of combined action, that is, repelling and killing ticks.

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  • 1 Repellently funds
  • 2 Acaricide funds
  • 3 Insecticide-repellent funds
  • 4 the removal of the tick
  • 5 What not to do when a tick bite:
  • 6 Methods of protection from ticks

Repellently funds

The first group includes products containing DEET: "Biban" (Slovenia), "DEFI-the Taiga" (Russia), "Off! Extreme" (Italy), "the Gaul-RET" (Russia), "Gal-RET-TC" (Russia), "Data-WACKO" (Russia), "Reftamid a maximum" (Russia).
They put on clothes and exposed areas of the body in the form of circular stripes around the knees, ankles and chest. Mite avoids contact with the repellent and crawl in the opposite direction. The protective properties of clothing are stored up to five days. Rain, wind, heat and sweat will shorten the duration of the protective means. Do not forget to apply the medication again after the specified on the packaging time.
The advantage of deterrents that are used to protect against midges, deals not only on clothes but also on the skin. More dangerous for ticks drugs applied to the skin it is impossible.

For the protection of children developed preparations with a low content of repellent - creams "Fjalar and Akalat" colognes "Patel", "Metal", means "Amarant". For children from 3 years recommended use of the cream "Off–child" and "Biban-gel".

In "killer" are: "Prefix", "Reftamid taiga", "picnic-Anti-mite", "HARDEX aerosol an extreme" (Italy), "Tornado-Anti-mite", "Fumitoks-anti-mite", "Gardex-anti-mite", "Permanon" (permethrin 0,55%).
All drugs except "Pratiksha" – aerosols. They are used only for treatment of clothes. Things need to be taken off and the tool is not accidentally got into the skin. Then, a bit dry, you can put them back on.
"Prefix" is a pencil, produced in Novosibirsk. They draw on the clothes several encircling bands, before going into the woods. You only need to monitor their safety, as the strips fall off pretty quickly.

Acaricide means

Acaricide preparations with poison gas alphamethrin have the nerve effect on mites. This manifests itself in 5 minutes in insects is paralysis of the limbs, and they fall away from the clothing.

It was noticed that before deleterious for mites, drugs with poison gas, alphamethrin increase the activity of ticks, and, though this period is small, the risk of getting bitten during the increases, drugs with the active ingredient permethrin to kill ticks faster.

Insecticide-repellent funds

Drugs of the third group combine the properties of two of the above - they contain 2 active ingredients DEET and alphamethrin, thanks to their effectiveness when properly used is close to 100 percent. It's aerosols "KRA-turnips" (alfatsipermetrin of 0.18%, DEET 15%), Kazan and "Mosquital-anti-mite" (Alphamethrin of 0.2%, DEET 7%.) France.

For treatment areas from ticks use the following stuff means: Zyvox.

Laboratory tests proved that with proper (!) application repellently drugs deters up to 95 percent of attached ticks. As most ticks clings to the pants, they must be handled more carefully. Especially attentively it is necessary to process clothes round ankles, knees, hips, waist, and sleeve cuffs and collar. The way of application and consumption of all drugs should be indicated on the label.

In recent years, cases of forgery protection chemicals, so try to buy them in retail outlets with a good reputation. When buying, ask to show a health certificate. Imported drugs must be accompanied by a label in the Russian language.

The removal of the tick

From yourself information: during his not very long career as a physician, removed ticks from people, a large number. Have developed the only method that is most effective, but it is quite barbaric; it is desirable to implement it in honey.institutions in the field.

To remove a tick you must have:

- a disposable sterile syringe with sterile needle the same(in principle we need;

- a thread, preferably silk;

- alcohol-based liquid(more than 40 % even if isopropyl alcohol);

- iodine, or brilliant green.

The sequence of actions to remove the tick:

-- Fill the operative field alcohol-containing liquid, soak it in the thread, and carefully hand processed.
-- On a string make a loop that is fed beneath the base of the stuck tick, and for this thread easily raise the villain.
-- Open the needle sharp tip and cut the tick WITH a PIECE of SKIN, preferably small and shallow.
-- The wound treated with an alcoholic solution of the dye and seal with tape.
The tick -- in any form -- even if you quartered out of petty vindictiveness - and in any container
-- PASS in the lab or KILLED them. Botkin, or in any private lab. For the money expertize about 500 rubles.

What not to do when a tick bite:

 - take the tick ass(C)-squeeze all into the wound, the risk of Lyme disease increases significantly.
 - pour the tick with oil, gasoline, grease,urine and other petroleum products. because no purpose: more often attacks the female,
which cements his beak into the wound, and even at all desire cannot vipolze.Only the nymphs and the males can be easily removed.
 - remove the tick if possible to seek help from health worker for the next two hours.
 - take the yodanthipirina

Methods of protection from ticks

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