What is rip-stop, and what are its advantages

Probably each person periodically vybirayutsya in the country Hiking, fishing or hunting, or for mushrooms, had to face a situation: awkwardly squatted down - and the fabric snapped. Stumbled upon invisible in the grass, the speck - and his pants torn. And the thing is, as a rule, be repaired without a patch is already difficult, but to go to latanich pants beg each. And besides aesthetics, there is also a clean utility: the hole is not holding the temperature, moisture, and insects. But if we are talking about clothes or military uniforms? In extreme conditions and circumstances, there are no trifles, and a small lesion may cause injury or burn.

exactly for such circumstances serious protective clothing made from fabric manufactured by technology "rip-stop". Literally, it translates as "stop-gap". In fact, this reinforced, reinforced high-strength yarns blended fabric, which can stop rupture and localized in a very small area of the fragment, not allowing to spread damage. Reinforcing frame made of modern high-tech materials, does not increase the weight of the fabric, thus reinforcing its strength. This fabric is not terrible significant mechanical loads, and to tear the clothes from her - almost unbelievable. In the diagram below you can see the fabric rip-stop.

the Basis of material rip-stop is, as a rule, cotton is natural, easy, and environmentally friendly. Together with a reinforcing thread, he gets an additional, uncharacteristic for him strength, high resistance to shrinkage (such clothing is not "will sit down" after washing), while maintaining the comfort and friendliness. Keep in mind that the fabric used to sew military uniforms of NATO, the typically further treated to protect against water, fire, and active chemistry - which means that apparel fabric get almost unkillable and nesmeshivaemost.

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