Tarpaulin (from niderl. presenning) — thick canvas impregnated with a refractory or water-repellent and antiseptic compounds. More color from pale yellow to brown (rarely orange) for refractory impregnation and from pale green to deep green for waterproof impregnation.
Material characteristics
The tarpaulin is made of canvas, consisting of natural vegetable flax/jute and raw cotton and synthetic fiber. The density of the sheet ranges from 300 to 900 g/m2, can be higher.
Canvas is heavy and thick hemp, linen or semi-linen fabric made of thick yarn.
Canvas hemp has a high strength, repel moisture, damaged by sea water. In the age of sail canvas was a strategic commodity. The value of the canvas has increased since the XV century, with the advent of large fleets and the opening of sea routes to India and America. In the late nineteenth century, with the introduction of the steam fleet, the demand for canvas dropped, before the advent of synthetic materials it is widely used for sewing raincoats, jeans, overalls, covers for baggage. Fashion canvas clothing (jackets, coats, sneakers and so p.) was founded in 1960-e years and still has not lost relevance.
Used for the manufacture of coverings, tents, awnings, backpacks, special clothes and footwear (coats, mittens, boots) and other products requiring high strength and special properties of the fabric.
Since the First world war was widely used in the army, including as a replacement for expensive leather in the manufacture of power transmission, belt and gun belts, and military boots.
Tarpaulin is widely used for manufacturing of working clothes: suits of the welder, fire, gauntlet (perchonok).
Areas of use for the tarp
  • overalls
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for protection against moisture and mechanical damage, including suits, coats, raincoats, overalls, mittens for builders
  • cover for construction of buildings, erection designs
  • elements for the device of slopes, shuttering, shut-off barriers (fine fractions) in the air handling unit
  • canopies and protective shields for machines and conveyor belts on construction sites
  • Metallurgy
    • overalls
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    and gloves that protect from fire, sparks, molten metal splash, hot abrasive or sharp parts
  • canopy for cars and belt conveyors
  • protective screens
  • The army and defense
    • tents-shelters
    • covers
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    for guns and military equipment
  • tents, canopy, tents
  • means blackout
  • protective clothing
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  • when conducting dangerous for health works
    • awnings, canopies, shelters for machinery, equipment and agricultural products stored in open areas
    • protective overalls, gloves for agricultural workers
    • the manufacture of bags for flour, cereals, grain, animal feed, seeds
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