Ankle boots: what to choose?

"Berets" of the army called the high high tibia., the outer part of the Shoe that covers the Shin. The prototype for the modern military boots served as British boots of the early 20th century, in the further development of the idea and its introduction into practice did an English Bulldog and the Germans Dr.Martens. Klaus Mertens has embodied his vision of such shoes at the end of the Second World war, pursuing two basic ideas: berc was to act as the protector of the ankle, protecting it from sprains, strains and tight locking, and the special design of the sole was supposed to combine great flexibility (in comparison with traditional shoes) and a sufficient thickness, serves as an additional insulator and a mechanical protector.

the Idea was successful, and "boots" soon not only began to replace the traditional army and boots, but also gained popularity among European youth.

nowadays the choice is among the manufacturers and models of ankle boots is very high, and the only important question: for what purpose are selected high tibia.? If the main importance is the convenience, practicality and comfort in "field" conditions - should pay attention to purely military footwear. Military boots are made with exceptionally utilitarian purposes: to protect the feet and keep the insulation. They are not afraid of moisture, cold, sharp roots and stones. Exist as universal types, designed for any climate conditions and wear and more specialized, with a focus on hot climate or cold. They are inexpensive and practical.

Military shoes, sewn on the conscience (which she sewed), implies a margin of safety, far beyond the ordinary socks within the service. In tailoring these shoes invested the experience of many generations of soldiers, lengthy transitions in terrain, swamps, mountains, ravines, desert sand and liquid mud. This can be inherited - it did not happen over many years of wear. The main thing is not to make a wrong choice when buying: we guarantee real quality European and American military boots, no Chinese fakes and shirpotreba.

When choosing shoes with high tibia. the first is to pay attention to the following features:

  • the stiffness of the sole. Many models are absolutely deprive the foot of the slightest movement. If you expect these shoes to walk, not stand still - it is not your choice. In addition, you will probably knock the legs, increased the stiffness of the sole often leads to the fact that the overall strength of the Shoe is reduced. Yes and post them all will be much problematic.
  • Quality leather. If your priority is not aesthetics, but the practicality in wearing - avoid painted models. Matte leather, not lost flexibility will serve you much longer and better.
  • Protector. Classic protector provides excellent adhesion to the support, does not require additional devices (like vkruchivayutsya spikes, as in some model variants), and does not collect dirt and pebbles, which then sometimes is not so easy to extract from the numerous grooves on some models. This protector is made of high quality materials, and, unlike the fakes, there is no hollow, only a cast and solid. It should be noted that there are modern models of military boots used in NATO countries, where the use of composite structures, membranes etc, but their numbers are small and the price high, and to purchase them is not so easy. Mainly used molded rubber and thermoplastic elastomers.
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