Альпинистское снаряжение  Boreal

Альпинистское снаряжение Boreal

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BOREAL - famous brand sports shoes for mountain climbing, mountaineering trekking, climbing, Multisport and the urban environment. All models Boreal made from high quality materials with a minimum number of seams, use of a range of patented innovations, born as a result of years of laboratory research

The company BOREAL was founded in 1975 and specialized in manufacturing footwear for outdoor activities. Since 1977, the market boot for active winter recreation has increased significantly. The producers wanted to make the shoes more lightweight and cheap, not forgetting about modern design. The company's management BOREAL decided to develop in this direction. In the same year, were designed very light shoes for trekking, which served as the prototype of many future popular models. In 1978 released the first model of shoes for climbing, significantly expanded the range of mountain boots. At the same time received the first orders for delivery of shoes for export.

In 1979, the company's management BOREAL decided to concentrate all forces on the mountain shoes, rocky shoes and shoes for hunting. This allowed to achieve good performance and to satisfy the highest requirements of consumers. In 1980 developed a prototype of a Shoe Fire, which later produced a real revolution in the world of mountaineering and climbing. Almost all of the Spanish expedition, which set before itself the serious fitness goal, successfully used shoes BOREAL.

BOREAL continues to expand its dealer network around the world, and by 1983 the company's products appear in most of the countries, where advanced mountaineering and climbing. The best climbers of the world: Bachar, Moffatt, Kauk, Carrigan, and others use llich shoes from this company. In mountain and rock climbing magazines (Mountain Magazine, Climbing, Vertical and Alpinisme et Randonneé, Alp and Rivistadila Montagna, Bergsteiger and other) articles appear, in which athletes speak positively about the shoes BOREAL, appreciate its features and quality. In 1984 it was BOREAL world's first membrane uses New-Tex in the Shoe industry.

In 1985 BOREAL building a new plant, allowing to significantly increase production capacity and to meet the increasing demand. In the same year produced the famous model Fire Ballet, the idea of which was later imitated by other manufacturers. 

Continuing research to improve the performance of shoes, in 1986 BOREAL testing a new membrane Gore-Tex, which has higher rates than New-Tex. In the same year begins the collaboration with the eminent French climber Jacky Godoffe, who would later win the First World Cup on climbing.

After two years of research and tests in 1988, the company BOREAL was able to do mountain trekking shoes and more waterproof and breathable, thanks to the membrane Gore-Tex. 

By 1989 built a new factory area of 3000 m2. Now the production area has reached 7600 m2. To ensure higher quality of raw materials and final products in 1990 was expanded development laboratory and the advanced quality control system.

In 1992, there is a model of rocky shoes Vector, received in America called "shoes of class "Formula 1"". The production area grew to 8,000 m2, which provides new opportunities for growth.

By 1995 shoes BOREAL sold in 37 countries around the world, and is truly world famous. The company exhibited at all major exhibitions and are represented in most specialized journals. The company's main efforts aimed at controlling the quality and improving the company's image. Experienced in the lab BOREALcomes new technicians, they help to develop and implement a new automated production line with an area of 1500 m2, allowing to significantly speed up and simplify some operations.

In 1997 the production area trekking shoes increased by another 500 m2.

Released prototype rocky shoes using System. After numerous tests it was decided to implement the system in mass production that has opened up new opportunities for the development of the market for climbing shoes. For several months in 1999, continuously conducts tests and research aimed at the development of a new range of more modern models for outdoor activities.

The result of many years of research and testing became the next novelty BOREAL, developed in 2000 - rubber FUSION 3 for rocky shoes, recognized as the most "tenacious" of rubber in the world.

In 2001, the company BOREAL releases the G1-Expe – leather boot with a detachable inner boot is designed for extreme climbing. Without a doubt, he was the lightest and warmest in the world in its class. In 2002, the market appears the Spider model is the first climbing shoes with the IRS System. And again, the company BOREAL opens up new opportunities for athletes, ahead of their competitors in the technology of production.

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