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Berghaus — brand, founded in England in 1966 by professional climbers Gordon and Peter Davison Loki. At this time the climbing was still quite poorly developed among the ordinary people and was considered a very dangerous occupation. It is quite natural that the choice of equipment was not, and the tools that were used, were dumped individually at home, which prompted the founders to start the company independently develop, produce and implement high-quality professional equipment.

BERGHAUS (UK) — one of the leading manufacturers of clothing for outdoor activities.
Berghaus started in 1966 in the UK as a brand that manufactures high-tech products for outdoor. In the early 70-ies in the collection of the brand Berghaus was first backpacks created by the founders of the brand. Since 1977, some models of clothing Berghaus is one of the first European brands begin to use a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX®material. But the development of the brand and gear for outdoor not end.
Now the brand Berghaus comes in a wide range of high-tech products for active sports. In the collection of the brand clothing for climbing, Hiking, trekking and daily use, underwear, accessories, shoes and backpacks. In the production of equipment using the most modern and innovative materials. For the winter collection, Berghaus presents the product with a heater from down/feather and synthetic material.

Berghaus (Berghaus) is one of the first brandswho started to produce clothing Outdoor class, there are models of clothing designed to practice a variety of sports and active life. The brand has become very popular due to the fact that began to create a collection using dozens of innovative technologies that transform clothing Berghaus in a miracle, just can't control nor the effects of the elements, nor time.

The History Of The Brand

Mark was born in 1966, when there were no concept Outdoor, and apparel specialized type has not been sold in stores. While climbing – it was a very dangerous and rare sport, which involved only the most devout adventurers, athletes who do not pass unverified facing steep slopes. At that time, most athletes used the equipment that was created independently. However, such hand-made art required a lot of time and caused discomfort.

Among these fans of winter sports were Peter and Loki and Gordon Davison. They noticed that market niche, which had to be submitted to sporting equipment, is almost empty. Young people decided to fill it one of the first and organized a new brand Outdoor. Being a professional English climbers, they know what they want to see athletes in the stores of equipment.

The first factory sewing equipment was opened in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and there is still, however, is not the only one.

Interesting Innovations

The first novelty, which surprised customers and the Marche brought great fame, steel boots, designed specifically for climbers. The model was named SCARPA and was perfectly suited for sports. Collection of these boots was sold outside the UK, and it was the first product brand Berghaus, imported abroad.

A little later under the name of the brand were produced very comfortable Berghaus, who had a specially designed water resistant pockets sealed by Velcro. A little later the brand has designed a special clasp on the sleeve by which the sleeve tightly clasped wrist. This innovation ensured that the snow cannot penetrate into the sleeve, and it was very convenient for athletes who were often on the snow.

Jackets Berghaus, which are based on natural bird feathers, are popular today. They are able to maintain the temperature of the human body even at very low temperatures.

Backpacks are products of the brand, which is fully adapted to ensure that athletes get the most comfortable feel in the campaigns. Ergonomic shapes, high functionality, air tightness, waterproof, shockproof layers – all this combined made it possible to create not just a backpack, and bring to life the dreams of all lovers of Hiking long distances. These were not traditional in 80-ies of bags with one compartment, and backpacks with zippers and rivets, with lots of compartments and pockets that can comfortably accommodate all the necessary.

Today clothing is made not only in sport style, but in a casual style suitable for everyday wear. Over the years, however the brand is becoming more functional and comfortable. If you have heard about nano-technology, as a system of GORE-TEX technology and the Yeti, you'll like what the company Berghaus uses them while creating their models of clothes.

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