Isothermal bags (refrigerators, thermoses)  Avant-garde clothing

Isothermal bags (refrigerators, thermoses) Avant-garde clothing

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The main item of equipment of people in a production environment is clothing. From its quality depends the level of protection of humans from exposure to various hazards, his health and life. The production of clothing must meet the highest requirements of domestic and foreign quality standards, precluding any possibility that poor-quality products.

"Avant-garde clothing" is not the first year is a leading company in Moscow, making different types of clothing: medical, working and protective clothing; uniforms of maintenance staff; clothing for active recreation. High quality workwear, footwear, PPE and other security software will protect the employee from even the most harmful factors.

Our company is long time engaged in the sewing of various work clothes. A large range of our products includes also and personal protection. Great experience of our specialists and modern production equipment, and constant laboratory control of manufactured products allow us to produce wonderful characteristics clothing.

We can give it a different protective properties, flexibly adapting to specific production conditions.

However, for protective clothing is important not only protective properties – plays an important role, convenience, neatness, presentable. To do this, when sewing, we use the most modern materials. So, good blood resistance and breathable properties, beautiful design, wearing comfort and low maintenance is our medical clothing. Protective work clothing for working in particularly harmful conditions, provides additional protection of person from fire, moisture and corrosive environments, other hazards. Winter work wear is made from modern heaters which do not constrain movements of the worker, at the same time protecting it from severe frosts. Rubber working allows fishermen and hunters not to get wet in rainy weather, and the electricians – to protect yourself when working with high voltage. Our uniformed security guards or medical workwear can be made to order with your company logo that adds a presentable look and image, allowing you to save on advertising campaigns.

Offered products/services:
Clothing, footwear, personal protective equipment (PPE), bedding (beds, mattresses, etcD.), households. inventory

The company "Avangard-clothing" works in the market of special clothes, special footwear and means of individual protection in Russia. During the work the company has become one of the leaders in this field.

Why avant-garde clothing?

- A flexible approach to the individual development of new models and conversion of the base production models, or drafting sets of clothes from different models.
- The logos on the clothing in accordance with your operations;
- Goods subject to certification is certified.

Avant-garde workwear offers:

Summer workwear, medical clothing, hospitality, hunting, fishing, Hiking, protective workwear, winter workwear, footwear, PPE.

High-quality clothing – what is it?

Modern high-quality working must fulfill a large number requirements, depending on its purpose, working conditions, climate and weather factors. Among the main requirements include:

  • Degree of protection against harmful factors, safety. This is the most important purpose of clothing is how well it protects the worker in performing the work. Different production conditions dictate the necessity of drawing on one or another type of uniforms of different protective layers. The degree of protection is regulated by state Standards and international standards. All workwear produced by our company, corresponds to all norms.

  • Appeal. Any protective clothing should be neat, this rule has long entered the lives of most companies. And if to work coats or overalls shall be presented in not so many requirements, uniform, waiter, or medical dress to be perfect. Product range our catalog contains the working clothes and the different styles that will appeal to people with the most exquisite taste. In addition, you have an opportunity to develop an individual design and clothes making to order.

  • Long service life. The durability of work clothing affects the consumer's attitude to its manufacturer. It is because when sewing clothes we use only quality fabrics that will fully serve the allotted time. For the quality of tailoring is also not worry – we employ real craftsmen who know their job perfectly. And constant laboratory control will not allow to set on the counter even one defective product.

  • The ease of wear. It would seem that it is a fad. But a worker in overalls usually have to spend at least 7-8 hours a day, and if it is, for example, "float", a long time it worker will not suffer. Our products provides exceptional comfort thanks to the use of the highest quality, including natural materials for sewing.

Due to the conformance of the products from the "avant-garde-clothes" all the above requirements, the quality of our work not inferior to counterparts from world famous manufacturers, and in some aspects even surpasses them.

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The insulated container has a casing filled with polyurethane complete with 2 packs 400g with harmless heat capacity of the solution. One cold accumulator provides 12 liters of volume. Color: blue Volume: 24 liters Material: polyurethane
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