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The history of the company

Founded in 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee (USA). The main direction — sewing clothing in military style.

In October 1959, more than 50 years ago, Alpha Industries began its operations with manufacturing of military clothes in the rented basement of a factory in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. In the production participated only a few people and leased sewing machines. The first few years were very difficult for the company Alpha, because then there were no wars and Ministerstvoto the United States did not need many clothes for the military. Nevertheless, the high quality of alpha clothing quickly drew the attention of the Ministry of defense and eventually Alpha Industriesстала the main supplier of military apparel for the US.

The official date of Foundation of the company started its...
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considered to be 1959, and the place — city of Knoxville, Tennessee. But this, of course, memorable events and there is an interesting backstory. The fact that Samuel Gelber, who opened the first factory in Knoxville, prior to that, she worked as an accountant at a Robert lane, who, in turn, owned the Tags Superior enterprise specializing in making ammunition for pilots USA. With machine Tags Superior first fell bomber jacket L-2, as two drops of water similar to the famous MA-1. For reasons unknown, lane had several times to close the company and change the name, and in 1957 he decided to open a new factory in the South-East, which already had a developed textile industry and the cost of working and the production promised to be much lower.

Factory he opened, in the town of Knoxville, but was soon accused of bribery to the official of the Department of defense for the purpose of obtaining government contracts. It is forever cut off the lane, the ability to enter into transactions with government departments and forced him to change occupations. About his fate history is silent, but Samuel Gelber, who is the accountant, whose name has not been tarnished during the scandal, the business decided to continue and started a company called Alpha Industries, aka the basement of one of Knoxville a couple of factories and sewing machines.

At first things were tight, but soon the happiness of enterprising Gelber started the Vietnam war. The U.S. used a special system of contracts — as the army needed in a wide range of uniform accoutrements, it was simply technologically impossible to produce all at the same factory, and therefore orders were given to a number of small companies such as Alpha Industries, which specialized in the production of concrete things. And for the smooth and efficient production of these companies were organized into a Confederation, in which it was helping each other with equipment and personnel.

Over time, the U.S. military placed orders for the manufacture of flight jackets and naval forces of the USA, field jackets army and marine corps, various types of military cargo pants, jackets and other clothing (from simple to high-tech hoods warm jackets, n-3b with the use of breathable Gore-Tex material).

For more than 40 years the company's main clients were the U.S. armed forces: army, Navy, marine corps and the United States. Since its opening in 1959 and to this day the company produces M65 field jackets and flight jackets MA-1. Since mid-1960, virtually every flight jacket in America released the company Alpha Industries. The military orders grew up, in 1980, the company has allocated a separate building for each type of jacket that she was gonna break (the volume reached 550 thousand models of military clothing in a year). After the Vietnam war, when to buy a military jacket became fashionable, the company decided to sew military jacket for civil society. For the army the company has developed new models: parks system with Gore-Tex military flight jacket Nomex fire resistant material. However, at the end of the cold war, the share of government orders the company has dropped significantly (because of spending cuts on the defense industry) and started its...
The product manufacturer Alpha Industries®