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Бренд: Magellan
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Summer suit. Consists of shirt shirt View all products by tag shirt and trousers. Shirt Shirt kind of easy shoulder wear. As a rule, the word shirt, currently, it is accepted to name clothes for boys and men, also called the upper chemise or men's shirt. The history of the... Learn about Shirt from the Encyclopedia a straight cut. Turn-down collar Front zip detachable zip. On the shoulder line the shoulder straps shoulder straps View all products by tag shoulder boards with removable stalemates (fullpagename) With back yoke. Two chest patch pockets with flaps on the buttons. Two side slash pockets with leaflets. At the bottom of the jacket jacket View all products by tag jacket the cutting zone, the volume of which is adjustable by side panels with elastic braid. Sleeves double-seam, short. On bottom of sleeves cuffs with flap button closure. Pants Pants (niderl. broek), or Pants (the Kyrghyz. Istan) the subject of outerwear covering the lower body, including each leg separately, covering the knees. In the classic version of pants on the bottom... Learn about Pants from the Encyclopedia a straight cut. Detachable belt with five belt loops under the belt. Volume the waistband is adjustable by side panels with elastic braid. Zip. Two side slit pockets.On the right rear half placket button closure. The arrow on the front halves of trousers stitched. Fabric: "Panacea" Composition: 67% polyester, 33% viscose viscose (Viscose) – the first man-made fabric, which was received by the person. Viscose (in Latin "viscosus" means "viscous") is an artificial fiber that is produced by... To learn more about Viscose from Encyclopedia 155 g/m2
Cropped jacket with lots of pockets and sleeve cuffs that protects from the cold and does not restrict movement   MATERIALS TWILL (100% P/E) INSULATION "FIBERSIT"
Jacket "Svyatogor" protect you from wind and snow. The insulation keeps the body warm, has a low weight in comparison with analogues. Temperature of the product can change otstavnov inner insulated lining. FEATURES Protection from the cold MATERIALS Insulation "Fibersit" Oxford
Cap PU. with fur. resp. W/SNS (OXFORD CMB C/g reeds)
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